Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fed days can be tough to trade, usually a volatile and light open followed by pan flat for an hour or so before announcement and then another bout of stop running. Since we are flat I have no intention of initiating any market trades (potentially stock specific plays but will trim into announcement) until post-Fed.

$TRIB holding in reasonably well would like to see it through 20.00 soon. I’m not sure why the 18.80s continue to present such consistent resistance but if we can leave them behind I think the stock could begin a new uptrend.

$SPY inside day yesterday 208.42-206.98, both edges likely to be tested today. Close is important.

$IWM leading. Bullish engulfing day yesterday

$CL_F new lows every day, may get a rip or 2 along the way

$AAPL at DTL here, it is in this channel until it isn’t, don’t rush in.

$AMBA strong stock but too extended now. Waiting for new pivots to emerge.

$BABA trying to bottom, a big lock-up expires today but that is not ‘new news’. Pressing against DTL 85.00 level to break and ST watch 83.51.

$CSIQ Nice move yesterday, too extended to be involved here but on my watch-list 35.00 a key level

$FB trying again to break its 9 month channel. Needs to break 82.00

$FEYE and $CYBR had interesting candles yesterday. Still watching.

$GOOGL second inside day in a row yesterday, 555.00 is support 564 resistance. 560 is the 200sma and 550 the level it needs to hold for bulls. In a key area!

$KRE $XLF was stronger yesterday but some time churning above 41.00 is constructive, be involved in a trend day up.

$SPWR solars were strong yesterday, this one has held its ER gap v well. Watching 32-34.00 range

$TSLA is very weak IMO, I think a trip to 120 is v possible. 180-185.00 is HUGE. Unless it retakes 225ish don’t trust rallies.

$TWTR still waiting for some volume and a break of its range. Be patient.

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