Monday, 20 April 2015

I have been a bit slack in posting my thoughts and levels here so i am going to get going again with just 3 'macro' thoughts and i will begin building on them through the week. The size relates to day, week, month levels which i am watching. I will post some charts when I have some more time as well.

YM_F - 17666/18044, 17666/18093, 17465/18270

The liquidation on Friday pushed us back into middle of the monthly range, it did result in an ugly weekly candle but since we didn't break any key lower levels the bias is still to the upside. I would expect today (Monday) to be an inside day since the range on Friday was so wide, which levels we respect tomorrow will be informative. LONG

GC_F - 1197/1207, 1183/1209, 1141/1223

Gold broke lower from its February consolidation and failed to reclaim the low in March, that signals a potential continuation of the move lower to me. SHORT

CL_F (June) - 56.85/58.34, 53.31/58.82, 45.93/55.21

Oil did a nice monthly reversal in the May contract, we are now rolling into the June contract but my bias remains the same to the upside. 60.00 seems likely to be key resistance but the recent trend continues to be higher but some patience may be need here. LONG

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